Welcome to my World!

My name is Mark B but some of my friends will know me affectionately (Or non-affectionately! :D) as ‘The Zen Grifter’, a title bestowed upon me following my successes as a part-time professional poker and blackjack player. Nowadays, I play a lot less poker and blackjack but I still pro-punt and run my own horse racing advisory and investment company as well as trade the in-running sports exchange markets. I work as a part-time consultant for a very well known UK bookmaker. I also have stakes in four race horses which are all in training and planning to run in this years jump season. Finally, as a polymath, I continue to develop ‘advantage’ strategies for advantage casino players.

As if that were not enough to keep me busy, I am also a medical doctor by profession and am currently working in General Practice. Recently, I founded a private heathcare company with 3 other GP colleagues catering for the corporate markets. We hope to infiltrate the private healthcare sectar in 2009 and with the help of our external investment partners, open satellite clinics all over the London region. I am passionate about medicine and the future of the NHS & General Practice and continue to develop ‘Black swan’ theories on how we might improve the services we deliver. This will foster a safer and more pleasant working environment for the doctor and patient alike.

I am very politically active and am a member of the Conservative Party. I support David Cameron in his quest to oust the futile Labour government which have outsold the tax payers to the tune of £200 Billion in a bid to stimulate a failing fiscal package to rescue the ailing banks.

I host a thriving Twitter community and you can follow my daily ramblings by clicking on the link in the far right hand column of this blog or on the link below – 


I also host an an up-to-date Twibe where you can view all the lastest healthcare and medical news from around the world in real time. It’s FREE to join so why not sign up now?  –


I am always open to new entrepreneurial ideas and novel investment opportunities so feel free to contact me if you have a new or exciting business idea. I am also happy to discuss affiliate relationships with any of my companies and can be hired as a spokesperson to discuss a wide range of subjects or arrange training workshops or seminars for a nominal fee.

Favourite Quote: “Remember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come!” 

For further information as well as details on how to contact me, read my ‘About Me’ page.


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